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The Kenney’s Furlough

The months of July through October we’ll be in the States for a furlough. We are looking forward to visiting some of the churches that have faithfully prayed for and supported our family over the last several years. So far we are scheduled to be in around 30 churches representing eight different States.

As we prepared for leaving, the thought often jumped in our mind; “Is this really necessary?” There is a lot of planning and details that goes into a multiple month absence! All the way from making sure all the church workers are trained and ready to carry our their responsibilities, to lining up somebody to care for the dog.

You may wonder as well, “why do missionaries take furloughs?” Here are my reasons:

Furlough is an exciting time as a family. Everyone has their “list” of things they want to do, places they want visit or people they hope to see. Our family will have four months to attempt to get 5 kids’ list accomplished in such a short time span. Activities that range from devouring a box of Krispy Kreme’s “Hot and Nows” to sleepovers with cousins.

Furlough is encouraging for supporting churches. We can’t wait to share with our supporting churches the “fruit that abounds to their account!” The message you share in churches differs slightly from deputation to furlough. On deputation it was “This is what we plan to do with God’s help” and coming in on furlough it’s “this is what we are currently doing by God’s grace.” We are able to show you faces and new churches that are the result of all your prayers and support. Also, we hope to recruit. Reporting back to churches is meant to bring attention to the need for more workers to enter the world harvest. There probably isn’t a single missionary serving on the field that wasn’t influence is some part by a missionary that had passed through their church.

Furlough is a necessary for financial reasons. As the mission work grows (and your children), the financial needs become greater. Kids who were too young for school when you arrived on the field are now studying, elementary age kids are now in high school, and the kids eat waaay more. Apart from family, there is ministry. The first year it was back and forth from language school. The following years it’s multiple church plants, special projects and helping national pastors. In order to continue to move forward in more church planting projects it is necessary that we seek out new supporters to partner with the work in Chile. We still have a few open dates during our furlough and we would be glad to stop by your church!

Furlough is a challenging time for the churches in Chile. This is probably the most important reason for a furlough. The missionary isn’t present and the national leadership must step up. As furlough approached we counted down the weeks, not because we were ready to leave, but because we wanted to be sure the ministry was ready for us to leave. We have two young men that are studying in the Bible college that will be taking on a huge load of responsibility. Others are stepping up as well to get even more involved. A furlough proves to the church that they are capable of doing the work of the ministry.

Pray for our family and for Hope Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church while we are in the States. If you would like to contact us while in the States, please write me at jasonkenney7@gmail.com.



The key to reaching a country for Christ is to train national church planters to reach their own people.  This is exactly what Jesus and his disciples did!  Following the biblical model, faithful Chilean men will reproduce more future church planters.  As the multiplication process starts, a country can literally be revolutionized by the gospel.

Since 2005, this has been the chief objective of Chile Church Planting.  What started with one church in Santiago, has now multiplied into eight growing local congregations.

Just imagine what God could do in the near future as more young pastors are trained!   If each of these 8 churches could start another church every 5 years, then we would have 16 churches in 5 more years.  After 10 years, 32 churches would be spreading the gospel around Chile.  Multiplication is definitely the key!  This is exactly what Paul had in mind when he wrote 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also”.

If we continue with the above example of planting a new church every 5 years, within the next 30 years, over 500 churches could be planted for the glory of God!



How do we prepare these church planters?  In 2009, we started the Chile Baptist College to prepare church planters.  Each student attends 8 semesters of classes to earn their Bachelor in Biblical Studies and Church Planting degree.

How do these young men get experience in the ministry?  Every student in the Chile Baptist College is actively working in church planting while attending the Bible college.  Most of them accepted Christ in a church plant and are now assisting their pastors to launch more churches.  Many are preaching and leading ministries each week.  This approach to training is definitely hands-on.

When do the young preachers start their first church?  Most students are actively planting a church by their junior or senior year in the Bible college!

How long do they need financial support?  Our goal is to assist these young men financially for 36 months.  This temporary support will allow each church planter to work full time in the ministry while growing a local congregation.  During this time, his support from Chile Church Planting will decrease as the offerings from the new local church increase.  By the end of the 36 month period, he will be fully supported by the Chilean church.


The church planter can work full-time in the ministry from day one.
The limited and temporary nature of his support will encourage him to aggressively work in the ministry.
The new local congregation will learn from the beginning to financially support their pastor.
The new churches can be fully self-supported within 3 years.
As the financial support for one pastor is gradually reduced, funds become available for another church planter.


This ministry can only be possible with committed financial partners.  Our monthly budget for 2014-2015  is $950 a month.  100% of these funds are given to help Chilean church planters.

  • Will you pray about giving monthly to help us reach our budget?
  • Will you pray about giving a one-time offering to help us invest in church planting?

All gifts are tax deductible.

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