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Ministry Philosophy and Goals

The key to reaching a country for Christ is to train national church planters to reach their own people.  This is exactly what Jesus and his disciples did!  Following the biblical model, faithful Chilean men will reproduce more future church planters.  As the multiplication process starts, a country can literally be revolutionized by the gospel.

Since 2005, this has been the chief objective of Chile Church Planting.  What started with one church in Santiago, has now multiplied into eight growing local congregations.

Just imagine what God could do in the near future as more young pastors are trained!   If each of these 8 churches could start another church every 5 years, then we would have 16 churches in 5 more years.  After 10 years, 32 churches would be spreading the gospel around Chile.  Multiplication is definitely the key!  This is exactly what Paul had in mind when he wrote 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also”.

If we continue with the above example of planting a new church every 5 years, within the next 30 years, over 500 churches could be planted for the glory of God!



Trainings Nationals To Reach Nationals

  • Jamie & Erica Smithey
    Strategic Partner
    L F
  • Josh & Elizabeth Ewing
    Strategic Partner
    L F
  • Ivan & Susan Chacon
    Team Chile
  • Jason & Lori Holt
    Strategic Partner
    L F
  • Jason & Jenny Kenney
    Strategic Partner
    L F

Nuts & Bolts of Plan

How does this plan look day to day?

How do we prepare these church planters?  In 2009, we started the Chile Baptist College to prepare church planters.  Each student attends 8 semesters of classes to earn their Bachelor in Biblical Studies and Church Planting degree.

How do these young men get experience in the ministry?  Every student in the Chile Baptist College is actively working in church planting while attending the Bible college.  Most of them accepted Christ in a church plant and are now assisting their pastors to launch more churches.  Many are preaching and leading ministries each week.  This approach to training is definitely hands-on.

When do the young preachers start their first church?  Most students are actively planting a church by their junior or senior year in the Bible college!

How long do they need financial support?  Our goal is to assist these young men financially for 36 months.  This temporary support will allow each church planter to work full time in the ministry while growing a local congregation.  During this time, his support from Chile Church Planting will decrease as the offerings from the new local church increase.  By the end of the 36 month period, he will be fully supported by the Chilean church.

Why is this plan better?

What are the benefits to this approach?

  1. The church planter can work full-time in the ministry from day one.
  2. The limited and temporary nature of his support will encourage him to aggressively work in the ministry.
  3. The new local congregation will learn from the beginning to financially support their pastor.
  4. The new churches can be fully self-supported within 3 years.
  5. As the financial support for one pastor is gradually reduced, funds become available for another church planter.

Get involved

This ministry can only be possible with committed financial partners.  Our monthly budget for 2013-2014 is $950 a month.  100% of these funds are given to help Chilean church planters.

  • Will you pray about giving monthly to help us reach our budget?
  • Will you pray about giving a one-time offering to help us invest in church planting?

All gifts are tax deductible.


Or mail your gift:

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Youth Camp 2014

 Last week was an awesome week at camp!

The young people were top-notch. There were teens representing 7 different churches. Our guest speaker was missionary to Peru, David Gardner. The preaching was spectacular, in fact I believe it was the best year so far! The theme was the supremacy of Christ.  You can’t have any better focus than that.

God is still working! Jason Holt recently sent out an email telling of a young man who will be entering the Bible college next semester. God had been leading him in that direction, and camp helped to solidify that decision.

Camp is one of the ministry highlights of the year. Here’s why:

The fruit. No, not the watermelon, I don’t even like watermelon. I’m talking about the spiritual fruit. Of all the ministries and events throughout the year, I believe camp has been one of the most fruitful in terms of encouraging young people.

The environment. We all need to get out of the city, far from the distractions. There is just something about getting away that seems to refresh the soul.

The friendships. Christian teens get to meet other young people from other churches. It builds camaraderie. We all need friends, and if we desire to live for the Lord, we need some good friends.

The focus. We make no apology for the intense biblical focus. Yes, there is plenty of time to play, but the real reason is to charge and challenge spiritually. We don’t use gimmicks or guilt to motivate young people to action, but we do lift up the Name of Christ as high as we humanly can.

The fútbol. Yes, good old soccer. Nothing spiritual here, just a love to get out on the field and play (although the way I play is nothing to write about).

Written By: Jason Kenney


Holiness – Part 2

I started studying out the word holy in the Old Testament and concluded in the New Testament. Using some sound hermeneutical principles; I went with the law of first mention, often mentioned, and well the law of not to mention. (Not sure how scientifically accurate all my laws are, but basically I just used a Strong’s Concordance and looked up every use of the word holy.

The conclusion I came to was; both the O.T. and N.T. “to be holy” or “holiness” seems to be summed up in two words, “set apart”. At first I thought this was a great discovery. It confirmed what I had already believed and had been taught about holiness. However, the joy of confirmation rapidly faded into the mirky waters of my brains depleted thought patterns, and caused more questions to come to mind.

“Set apart” from what or who? I know to whom we are “set apart,” but from what and from whom has me thinking again. Does it imply that we are to be secluded; having no contact with the unbelievers of this world. Does it suggest that we are not to do the things that unbelievers do, or not go places where unbelievers go? What exactly are we “set apart” from or set apart too?”

Then I was challenged with the question from another missionary friend, Jason Holt. Who asked, “does holiness have anything to do with missions?” He was asking me, to challenge me to think about the relationship between God’s command “to be holy” and God’s command to take the gospel to the utter most places of the world.

So, I started my search to find out how the two commands relate to one another, and I came to the conclusion that the two are best of friends. The answer to the relationship between the two also answered the earlier questions I had about being set apart.

The work of the missionary is a set apart work. The missionary has been set apart by God and to God and from the world and from the church; to do a special work for the Lord. This is the way the Bible says it in Acts 13:2 speaking about Paul and Barnabas, “As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.” 

This verse gives some insight into the relationship between holiness and missions. They are both the work of the Lord. We think of being holy as some self-righteous work of piety that we accomplish in our own strength to please the Lord in some way. The truth is, holiness is a work of God’s grace in our lives in which he sets us apart for his service. Holiness is just as much a work of God’s grace as salvation is.

The same is true about missions. Missions is a work of separation, but the separating is done by the work of the Holy Ghost in our lives. The separating work that is done is to the Lord and not from any particular person or thing. As we yield ourselves to this separating work God places us in the work that he wants us.

Now, before you try to use this as an excuse not to be involved in missions by saying “well, the Lord has not set me apart or separated me for anything” let me assure you he wants to.

Notice the two things that are previous to the separating work in Acts 13:2: 1) they were ministering to the Lord 2) they were fasting. In other words they were in a place to allow the Lord to work in their lives. They were not doing these things in order to receive a special calling nor receive some special honor. They were just doing what they knew to do.

You want to know how holiness and missions relate; well just get involved in your local church and give yourself to the Lord and see what happens. I’m willing to say that many, most, maybe even all who do this will find that the Lord will “set you apart” and “separate” you unto work the he has prepared for you.

Written by Jamie Smithey

5 Important Factors About Where to Plant a Church

My good friend Travis Snode answers the often difficult question “where to plant a church?”.  His 5 part series will challenge and encourage church planters around the world.  Check out each one!  These principles can really help us start churches more strategically in Chile!

Written by Jason Holt

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